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Who we are:

March 31 2017 the Alto Quartet made its first appearance during the terminal concert of the illustrious jazz club Alto, in Groningens city.


Hugo Beukema was the club owner and manager and since then he plays saxophone in the Alto Quartet. Sadly the club has finished but the Alto Quartet is its living heritage, offering swinging music in a pleasant atmosphere.


Ever since this show the Alto Quartet has done over two hundred and fifty performances, both indoors and outdoors, in bars and in churches, on jazz festivals, on museum nights, and on art shows.


The line-up:

Hans Bosch – alto saxophone, clarinet, and arrangements.

For over forty years Hans has  performed on all of Groningens jazz podiums and far beyond (he played in Quadro sax, Jumping the blues, Baritone Madness, the Beau Hunks and many others).


Julia Flenter – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, vocals, arrangements

Julia is the lead alto saxophone player in the Moonlight Big Band. She is the Alto Quartets solid basis and she is also blessed with a beautiful voice.


Jan Schoemaker -  alto saxophone, flute, clarinet

As a performing musician working in both classical and  jazz music.
He played solo concerts with the NNO and plays in Noordpool Orchestra, and in many smaller ensembles in different styles.

He teaches saxophone, flute and ensembles at the Prince Claus Conservatoire and at the Vrijdag arts center in Groningen.


Hugo Beukema – tenor saxophone

Highly cherished in the Goningen jazz scene, because of his efforts to offer a stage to numerous national and international jazz musicians. He is always recognizeable from the beautiful, intense sound of his saxophone.


What we do:

The repertoire covers highlights of jazz, swing, rhythm & blues and rock 'n roll.

The Alto Quartet has composed a unique schedule:  



"The Retro Project" -  back to the fifties and the swinging sixties


This show aims specifically at people who had their youth between 1950 and 1970. It covers music from Elvis to Dave Brubeck and from Doris Day to Fats Domino. Timeless music, 60 years after still sparkling with energy.


The public's reactions to the shows are unanimously enthousiastic and grateful.


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